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We invite you to join us on an exciting adventure to south-western France. This is a land with a rich history, strong cultural heritage, and exceptional wines. Our aim is for guests to savour every bite, enjoy every sip and let themselves be transported on a truly memorable journey.

While inspired by the Bordeaux region, our menu also reflects our international outlook, creative mindset and ambition to provide our clients with a truly world class experience. Our ingredients are carefully selected to provide our dishes with exciting flavors and combinations that give each dish a unique character.

Consisting of a dynamic and highly talented team,Le Bordeauxis located in a reconverted classic house in Old Limassol that evokes our respect for tradition and commitment to innovation.

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Mixed leaves salad with smoked aubergine, pine nuts, raisins, pearl cous-cous and
tomato vinaigrette. €12 3.8.9
Goat’s cheese salad with pears, grapes, toasted walnuts, black sesame, and lavender
vinaigrette. €10 7.8.11
Crispy prawn salad with avocado, wakame, shaved vegetables and citrus caramel
vinaigrette. €13

Cold Starters

Classic beef tartar with egg yolk puree, smoked onion cream and crispy potatoes
hairs. €20 1.3.7
Foie gras terrine with plum textures, melissa and almonds. €23
Seabass ceviche with mango curry sauce, coriander, wild rice puffs and cucumber
lemon verbena sorbet. €16 4.9
Grilled tuna with tomato gazpacho, fennel, fried capers, pickled kritamo and black
olives. €17 4.6.12

Hot starters

Grilled and glazed octopus with muhamara condiment, spanakorizo and yuzu
vinaigrette. €16 6.12
Calamari ribbons with crushed potatoes, sauté pak choi, toasted nuts and squid
ink sauce. €15 6.8.12
Lemon risotto with crab meat, basil oil and bisque with tandoori spices. €18
Roasted aubergine marinated in miso, cous-cous, pomegranate, fresh herbs and
tahini sauce. €15


Cannelloni stuffed with braised beef, parmesan espuma, parsley oil and sauce from
cooking liquids. €16
Spaghettini with mussels, tomato cherries, chili and lemon zest. €16
Berlingots pasta stuffed with spinach and cheeses, smoked eel, fennel puree, and
roasted onion broth. €15


Cod roasted in butter, dolma stuffed with potato, leeks and mussels, celeriac
espuma and mushroom sauce. €25
Dover sole meuniere, served with grilled potatoes topped with pesto cream and
fresh herbs. €33
Seabass fillet with grilled pak choi, zucchini, smoked eel, lemon condiment and
mussel sauce. €22 2.4.12
Duck breast served with potato cabbage terrine, confit leg croquette and duck jus.

Slow cook pork rib, green cabbage puree and salad with green apple, dates and
crispy bacon. €23
Lamb saddle served with ratatouille vegetables, sauté spinach, phyllo with olives and
lamb jus. €33
Marinated grilled chicken thigh with zucchini basil puree, basmati rice, coriander oil
and miso sauce. €22 1.6.8
Beef fillet served with grilled broccoli and potato fondant, beef jus. €38

Layered gateaux with crème brûlée, guanaja cremeux, passion fruit and vanilla ice
cream. €12
White chocolate mousse with strawberry textures, rhubarb and pistachio ice cream.
Pineapple curd with vanilla sable and coconut ice cream. €11


Sauté potatoes with aromatics. €3.5 7
Fried potatoes with cajun seasoning. €3.5 1.9
Bearnaise sauce. €3 3.7.12

1. Spanish tortilla topped with piquillos peppers and chorizo. €4

2. Eggplant with coriander served on baquette bread. €2.5

3. Chorizo slices with soft cheese and tomato served on baquette bread. €2,5

4. Brie cheese with quince marmalade and mint served on baquette bread. €2,5

5. Prawns and siracha mayo, baby basil leaves on baquette bread. €3

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Please note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays & Sundays.

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